A commitment problem...

I can never commit to one type of music or one song. Every week it's something new for me. I'll be ridiculously addicted to one song for a day, and then the next day I don't want to listen to it at all. Somebody, who's name may be forever ever unknown to me, once said, " Music is what feelings sound like." I guess I feel different every day, so I can't just stick with one song or group.
Anyways, this week I am absolutely, unwaveringly in love with Owl City. Their music has such a different sound and it's always so upbeat and genuine that I can't get enough of it ( for this week anyway). I totally recommend Owl City to every one! Some songs I am personally fond of by them are: Fireflies, Saltwater Room, Vanilla Twilight, and Hello Seattle. You gotta hear it!

Owl City's most recent album cover...

If you have Any song suggestions, I am totally open to New things!

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