Getting Started

A Wise man (really his name was Dawson Trotman) once said, " The Greatest amount of Wasted time is the time Not getting Started." I guess he was pretty much right, and I have been wasting time. So thus, I Begin. It really started, I guess, when I set up a blog for my family...well that was soon neglected and put off and eventually forgotten about, So, I begin again. Well then it started again with a blog I set up for the cheer squad I was on...well that too was neglected, and yes, forgotten about. I guess I am beginning for the third time. No, there was was the time it started again when me and my friend made a blog, a very short lived one at that, but I haven't visited it in a year or so, so i suppose that one is lost too. Wow. So I begin for the fourth, and hopefully, final, time. This is where it starts..

I Hope that this blog will be like a ferris wheel... I want to keep it Going, and not jump off on to some other ride (  and there you have it, my first strange and seemingly pointless analogy). 

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kate said...

deep metaphor, taylor! hahaha