Health Craze

If the phrase, " You are what you eat", applied to me, then today I would be a yogurt, a turkey sandwich, an apple,a banana, a stake with potatoes and corn, and ice cream. Recently, I have been trying to eat healthy and it's been going really well until this weekend ( and today) when I cracked! Not eating junk food is a really hard habit to break,especially with Halloween around the corner, the candy just keeps piling in! Chocolate has been unfathomably tempting these past few days! When I want to break out the chocolate, I like to think of this health proverb, " Eat to live, not live to eat" ... it's kinda dumb, but very useful when one is right about to take a hugo bite out of a chocolate bar! So I will continue on this week, with more motivation, to eat healthy and exercise better and more efficiently! Because you know what they say, " A healthy man (or woman) is a successful man (woman)"!

Holy Chocolate!!!

Healthy food ( is it just me or do those vegetables look incredibly fake?)

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