easter pageant

{easter pageant}
this year, just like the year before and the year before that, my family and i are in the mesa easter pageant. its a huge production put on by our church ( The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and thousands and thousands of people come each night to watch us as we perform events from the life of Christ. members and nonmembers alike come to enjoy the production. in fact, two nights ago the governor of arizona herself was at our performance along with other legislative representatives and one of the members of the seventy. it was a big night for us all, and by the end of the performance the governor turned to our director and said, " everyone in arizona should see this pageant". i love talking to the people in the audience, in english and in spanish. i had the special opportunity last night to carry on a conversation with a really wonderful spanish speaking woman, i might not have understood everything she was saying, but i ways happy to realize, that with the help of the spirit and three years of spanish class, that i could communicate   with the spanish speaking population. i love sharing my testimony every night and i really can't  imagine not doing the easter pageant every year.  i love it!
(more pictures of our costumes hopefully coming soon)

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