new store obession

{frances & smeeks}
i was watching a local t.v. channel the other day when i came across an ad for this little boutique called Frances in Phoenix. i went online to their website and i immediately became obsessed with its classic vintage and uncanny shabby-chic style. i am desperate to go to the actual store, but until then i will just proclaim to the world the infinite wonderfulness of this glorious store that i have never been in! you can check it out online at http://www.francesvintage.com/ frances is also the creator of smeeks and if you've never been there you have to go check it out sometime. it is an adorable vintage candy store. really you have to see it to believe it because one step inside this little shop of wonders will send you right back to the glorious days of childhood. check out smeeks at www. smeeks.net ( or see what nie nie thinks of smeeks @ nieniedialogues.blogspot.com)

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