So... what have I been doing?

So here's what I've been doing...

(haha Lauren took this picture!)
{finishing personal progress}
My parents said that if I ever wanted to get my drivers license, I'd have to finish my Personal Progress first... so finally after two tireless weeks of what seemed like endless work, I finally finished! Yes, I Taylor Willis finished it, after four long years. That deserves a Napoleon Dynamite, "yes"!
{biking and hiking}
My new passion: biking. My dad and I went on a fifteen mile bike ride and after I just couldn't stop! I absolutely love the feeling of flying down the road on my bike and going for miles and miles with the wind in my hair! In the middle of our bike ride we hiked this mini mountain that was on our route and it felt like I was on top of the world, overlooking all of Mesa. Overall it was a great Saturday.
{reading like crazy man}
I love to read... it's another obsession of mine. I have to be constantly reading something and I have to read it everywhere I go. At school when teachers aren't lecturing, I'm sitting there with my nosed buried deep in a book. Sometimes at lunch I steal away into the library and read for the whole hour! Then finally when I get home, I run to my room and curl up in bed and read for some hours too!! Okay, call me a geek or a nerd, but I can't help it. I just love to read!!!
The loves of my recent booklife: Uglies Series ( yes, all four in one month),The Alliance (a.k.a best book ever. period.), and To Kill A Mocking Bird ( we read it in my Lit. class but it has become a favorite and I love the classics!)... this my seem like a lot of books to read in one month..but hey...I have a lot of free time!{making national honor society}
I applied this year for Nation Honor Society (or NHS) it's a service learning type program that's pretty legit and looks great on college applications! Woot woot for service!my friends and i.....we're all nerds and i love it!!!!

{studying my brains out}
I have many difficult classes I'm taking this year (particularly Chemistry and Spanish III) and I have had to study for what seemed like hours and hours on end to get ready for the finals... ugh... so much cramming and hard work! but it all paid off when i took the finals this week and got outstanding grades! phew... so glad that's over with! I'm finishing off the year with a 4.2!!

sorry i haven't blogged in awhile, but as you can see, this past two months have been uber busy!!! yup, so that's what i've been up to !!!!

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