big news...

my family has been talking a lot this summer about the possibility of moving to washington... we love it there ( i mean come on who wouldn't?- with the perfect weather, greenness, and ocean- it's the opposite of where we live right now!). anyways, things started to develop... talking about it turned into looking for a house and that led to checking out the ward and schools...and next thing ya know- BAM- we're moving to sequim, washington. don't get me wrong, i am going to miss arizona a lot...i have tons of great friends here, so many amazing opportunities, and more... but i am actually really excited to move. i'm looking forward to the cool weather, early morning seminary ( something i've never experienced in arizona), living closer to my family ( including miranda- YAY!), and just living in such a beautiful place. i am not, although, looking forward to being the "new girl" again, not knowing anyone, having to get to know the new school  and ward, and having to leave everything that i've established here. i really hope we all adjust well to washington and i hope we can make it feel like home :) wish me luck!

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