EFY 2010

shall not be burned
this year my cousin, Miranda, and i decided to go to efy together again at UPS in tacoma. of course, like every year at efy, we had an absolute blast! this was efy numero cinco for me and probably my favorite one out of the five. i had a great company, awesome councilors , and just some really special experiences. i adore efy and can't wait till next year for more!!

our dorm: this year, miranda and i were surprised to find that we had separate bedrooms with in our dorm. to fix this, miranda pulled her mattress into my room and... KAPOW... it was just like old times again (except she was just practically sleeping on the floor)!!

the problem: the only problem between me and miranda and sharing a dorm (or anything else for that matter) is that i am very organized, and miranda.....well, doesn't really care all that much about organization- she claims that i have OCD (which may be true).... so it was really interesting when we were shoved in this little room together... so i'll just leave it to you to guess which shelf was mine and which was miranda's....

we really had the best group of girls! they were all so sweet and really fun to get to know!!

view from our dorm ( which was "conveniently" located on the fourth floor, up four flights of concrete stairs)
wow...at efy there was some major TOM craze- so here's miranda and i sporting our's

what's up with our faces? this was our initial reaction after we met Bree Tanner from Eclipse, who just happened to be at efy the same time we were...we were a little star struck!!

so sweet!

our magnificent banner: although it didn't place, our company was very proud of our banner... miranda and i came up with the idea one day at lunch and it was a hit with everyone. i especially like the little people burning off to the side...it was a nice touch to the overall effect :)
miranda and i at game night!! which p.s. was way fun!! i loved all the cheers this year....they were super unique and unlike anything that i'd ever seen
PIZZA NIGHT!!! i love pizza night. it's usually the highlight of my week...our pizza night wasn't really as crazy as usual, but it was still way fun!

such sweet girls!!

cassi and i

papa john's pizza

lindsey!!! aka the best councilor ever!! ( hands down-love this girl!!)

breakfast creation....what?: okay, so every year miranda and i make a breakfast creation one day at breakfast. last year we made a muffin tower. this year we made this face...

miranda and lindsey

our company

lindsey, sklar, and i 

okay, so everyone was giving me grief all week because of my lack of interest in escorting... so of course when it came time for this picture everyone volunteered me to be in it....you can tell by my face how much i'm enjoying it...( haha... NOT!)
ellen and i 
 cassie the crazy good dancer, miranda, and i 
miranda and the guys (okay she did actually enjoy this!!! haha, oh miranda!!)
megan, miranda, and i

miranda and i were amazed to see our councilor from last year, Amelia, at our efy again...it was really great to talk to her and hear about what she had been up to since last year!!
 our dorms

miranda and her cow (oh how cute!!)

meeting Bree Tanner: so we saw this girl and thought, "wow that really looks like the girl from Eclipse", and guess what?! it was her! anxiously, miranda and i watched her, waiting for the right moment to ask her if she was really "that girl". finally as she was walking behind us, i went up to her and asked her if it would be weird if i got a picture with her. she said that it would be fine so miranda and i both got a picture with her. i felt kinda bad after that because then everyone wanted a picture with her and i could tell she was trying to go incognito ( well, that didn't work out so swell). but as i saw her throughout the week i found that she was really down to earth and just like everyone else...she is just majorly talented! :) nice to meet you jodelle!

 awww! cousins!!! what would i do with out this girl?! she is really my bff and we'll stick together through it all!!

my all time favorite picture of all :)
i love efy!!

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