Girls' Camp 2010

Positive Intelligent Nurturing Corp.
i had the wonderful opportunity this year to be a YCL at girls' camp... and let me just tell ya, it was a blast!! i was with, honestly, the funest (if that's a word) ward ever!! with dance parties till two in the morning every night, crazy pranks, totally decked out cabins, and ward rivalries- this girls' camp was definitely the best!! i loved my girls and all the wonderful experiences i had at camp lomia!!! i only wish i could go back again :(

me and my girls!

my crazy braid creation ( a huge hit with every one!)


Prepping Sister Ferrin for the dance off of the century!!! ( and yes, that huge hair is my doing)

Our disguises

my cabin mates!! :)

my fellow ycl kiley

my other fellow ycl and bff katie

aka the funniest girls ever!

getting ready to hike

total decked out cabin- our leaders were just amazing and worked way too hard to make our cabins the best!!

Party Cabin!!!
my bunk!

i love girls' camp!!

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