last weeks of summer

{summer lovin'}
while the rest of my classmates sit through countless lectures and labor over books and hours of homework, i sit lazily by the pool, enjoying my last month of endless sunshine and heat. we had a blast yesterday at our neighbors pool, soaking up the sun and making a splash! here are just a couple pictures from our lazy afternoon-

i love this picture!! lauren is finally starting to get freckles!!
after much convincing, prying, and tugging: we finally got lauren into the water...
trying to keep her calm....

vancer and matt

vance showing of his mad diving skills (swan dive)

lauren and i

just too cute!

content out of the water

 vance flipping
vance and matt: "come on lauren get in the water.... it's fun!"
lauren: " no! i don't like it!"
she would rather sun bathe 


the "don't make me go in the water" face

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