new music? most definitely.

{ellie goulding}

one of my favorite hobbies when i am completely and utterly bored, is to go on youtube and find new artists and great new music to listen to. sometimes it takes hours ( if i really have nothing to do all day- yes, i am very good at wasting time) and other times it only takes minutes to find wonderful pieces of music that just seem to pop up out of no where. today as i was meandering, i heard for the first time the works of the english artist ellie goulding. im not entirely crazy about all of her stuff , but i did find two songs in particular that i love. so if you're completely and utterly bored sometime, you should check them out- my two favs: the writer and be mine (an acoustic cover for the original song by robyn- sung duet style with erik hassle) they're great!

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