Summer in Washington

unfortunately, due to the lameness of my semi-ancient computer, i couldn't upload any of my pictures from Washington (sigh). but i guess i can still sum up for you the events that took place durning the two months that i spent in washington.

after girls' camp i flew to washington to meet up with my brother and begin working my summer job at the diner. all of june we worked bussing tables and we had fun going to the local gym, SARC, every day after work to workout. i also started taking yoga at SARC every morning at six a.m.- it was a really fun and a relaxing way to start the day.

we celebrated the fourth of july in the usual style by getting a ton of fireworks and lighting them off on the spit in PA. we always put on a show for our grandparents with them and this year we even had a finale! this year i only almost blew up a couple of civilians... other than that the fourth of july went down without a hitch. later on in the month my grandpa took my brother and i to our first real baseball game... we took the ferry down to downtown seattle and then walked to the mariners stadium. we had amazing seats and i actually really enjoyed watching the game. besides the drunks, the unseasonable hot weather, and eating too many garlic fries, it was a blast!! then my grandparents, vance, miranda, and i drove to spokane and met up with the rest of our family. we then drove over to idaho and went to the theme park silverwood.... which had some of the sickest roller coasters i've ever been on! my favorite roller coaster in the park? AFTERSHOCK!!! holy cow! i was scared out of my mind to go on it...but let me tell ya, it was totally worth it!!! ah! it was SO fun!!! after that miranda and i went to efy...which was just amazing ( and will be blogged about next)!!!

i love spending my summers in washington!!

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