first day of school....dun dun...DUN!

poor little girl....i feel your pain!!

Yesterday was the notorious first day of school....and guess what? I SURVIVED! I honestly didn't think I was going to... you see i don't know anyone in all of Sequim....anyone my age that is... so I was sure I was going to sit alone in some corner at lunch and walk on my lonesome to all my classes and simply just quietly and subtly slip away in the crowd. well guess what? that didn't work.... i actually met some really nice people and talked to some really "interesting" people too (haha). and i found that it is actually impossible to just blend in with the crowd here, unlike in arizona, because there is no crowd at all, SHS is possibly the teeniest school in existestance ( well...not really, it's just ubber small) so basically everyone notices you (sigh). anyways but i like all of my classes really well. all of the teachers are surprisingly chill and relaxed. even my ap classes aren't a big deal (which is a blessing!) and even though i'm behind ( they had heaps of summer homework, and i got it last week...ugh!) my teachers are just like, " yeah just finish it whenever..." all my ap classes are really small too, my APUSH class only has 16 students in it and my spanish IV class only has 10 (my ap english class is the only one with a surplus of estudiantes....hm...washington kids must have mad english skills) i can already tell what my two favorite classes will be, floral design and photography ( yes, FLORAL DESIGN.... how many people get to say that they took that class....i'm on my way to being a crazy florist with mad skills! haha not....i can hardly tie the bow she taught us today!!) the only down side to all this is that I HAVE NO CAR!!!!! usually i wouldn't care but seeing as without a car i can't:
1. leave campus for lunch
2. leave photo class to take pictures off campus
3. drive to school or from it ( i must be dropped off...)
4. drive to early morning seminary (on the*plus* side there should be some lovely conversations with father at five in the morning...)
wow....negative much? yeah, yeah i know but when your younger cousin has a 1963 (or something like that) mustang and isn't even sixteen or licensed and you were promised a car when you moved to this teeny weeny town in the middle of nowhere ( it doesn't have to be nice or anything it just needs to have a motor,be running, and have four wheels...i'm not asking for the much here!)....do ya feel me?( nah..didn't think so)
well....i suppose i better stop procrastinating the enevitable and continue the long monatone practice of doing my homework ( outlining chapters and chapters of a history book).... so sorry i haven't blogged in forever but i knew that my countless ( and by countless, i mean three, one of which being my own mother...) followers would be pacient enough to wait these seemingly endless weeks for word that i in fact did survive the move...well... peace out homie G's! until next time old sports!! HASTA LA VISTA BABE!

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