a music fanatics best friend: pandora radio

(how they jammed out to the radio in simpler times...back in the day...layin' down the tracks ole school style! random.)

for a music junkie like me you need a radio station that fits you and your tastes...well, hey! that's just what pandora does for me- just go online to pandora.com, sign up (it's completely free), and type in your favorite group, song, or genre and....BAM! instant radio station fitting your style and musical preference....but if by chance there is a song you don't like on the station you can just dislike it (and it will be removed) or skip it ( try that on regular radio)! only downside: still some commercials, okay not many but still occationally there is a 20 to 30 second comercial. other than that... its BOMB!
whacha talkin bout,

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