yes, the space between is getting yet another make over ( is that really even two words?-probably not) BUT  i need some help!!! what picture should i place as my title?! because i had nothing  better to do today except hard core procrastinate, i got a little artsy fartsy and edited these...so which one? VOTE. DO IT NOW.

option one

option two
option three
option four
option five
option six

option 7                              (  what the crap is this?! scratch everything and try again!)

option 8                              ( quit changing your blog, you nerd.)

yeah... these are all a little dorky, but what can you do? 
 as always heaps of love


Cassidy Brown said...

i like option four, but with the font and text color of option five(:

Anonymous said...

option 1 is perfect, but i also LOVE option 3...totally you Tay! i love it!