Homecoming ( though much belated)

I suppose I should blog about this (although it was awhile back). Any who, I went to my first Sequim homecoming game. It was cold, it was long, we won, i learned what instant hand warmers were, hot chocolate became my best friend, i saw enough purple and gold to make me puke, the homecoming queen is my 3rd cousin once removed (!), and i got decked out.
Freezing our tushies off!
My 3rd cousin and 3rd cousin once removed-congrats!
The foreigners!!
two words: super fly
decked out...

I went to homecoming with some new friendles i made... i expected the utmost lameness from the dance, BUT to my surprise, it stood and delivered and overall was a most enjoyable experience ( in other words... I DANCED MY FACE OFF!! WOOT!!)
the friendles i was talking about...

i like to smile and look off into the distance...

THE HAIR!! Mother, you genius! What would I do without you?!

The foreigners!!!

my apparel 
-taylor rosa

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