i adored hp7...even though the feed back from my little hermanos was not quite as positive. i think though to truly have enjoyed this movie you HAD to have read the books because it follows so closely that honestly only a reader could have admired. i especially loved the atmosphere of the movie...sure it had some comical relief but over all it had a dark, depressing, and kind of end of the world feel to it...which was perfect in ever way. i also throughly enjoyed when Hermonie read the tale of the deathly hallows, the animations were superb and it was nothing like any of the other films...beautiful. i loved the build of ron and hermonie's romance too! i felt though ( and this is my opinion only) that it was rather anticlimatic and lack the tension and build up for the finally...but you never know...they might do that in part two... i hope. overall it was just amazing and as always never let me down for a moment!! 
for the love of my harry potter nerdism

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