I opened my brain and downloaded my thoughts, at the time, on to the computer...it turned out something like this:

  • the other night i had a dream about justin bieber...what? i don't even like justin bieber or his music nor do i particularly distain him...it was just well, random.
  • today i saw birds fly south for the winter. it was a really cool triangular formation in which they flew
  • i ate a salad, a sausage, and chocolate milk for lunch (well technically you can't eat chocolate milk... but you get the picture)
  • yesterday i think i found the most beautiful place in all of sequim, but its a secret ( so...shhh!)
  • i would like to discuss the possibility of horse milk with someone
  • my new favorite spanish song is Darme una oportunidad
  • i'm having a love affair with my sweaters
  • i think i'm addicted to sausage patties
  • i sometimes enjoy the melodramatic movies of LMN
  • stalking people on facebook is delightful
  • leaves with slugs on them gross me out to the max
  • i enjoy long extensive telephone calls
  • i wish michael buble would parachute out of the air and land in the sunroof of Borris and sing along with  me
  • if only i was a ballerina
  • todays dramatic overcast sky made my day
  • i like the moon when it is only a sliver and orange
  • Debussy and me are tight
  • i want to go have a picnic on the temple grounds like i used to (eating pete's of course!)
  • ...i crave a deep fried burrito!
  • buttons and satchels 
  • today i learned the spanish word for butt- trasero and i got to bark like a dog in class (ponder that one)
  • i like to make  weird faces  in the dark room when developing film and it' s pitch black...then i bust up laughing until someone asks, " why are you laughing", and then i laugh harder

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