the list

i have a dear friend who cared enough to make me this list:

1. Read your scriptures every day
2. Say your prayers every night and day
3. Read your Patriarchal Blessing often
4. Exercise a lot
5. Go in search of your future husband starting in two weeks
6. Remember to SMILE (Baby Jerky, Freaky Friday, NEIL, etc..) 
7. Clean those tables like no one else has cleaned a table before
8. Update that blog like it's Facebook
9. Come up with a new name instead of Epic Trio (you have to add me now. I stinkin' LOVE your blog!)
10. Find out when your Spring Break is
11. Remember you are one in a million and I freakin' LOVE YOU

friends are there to support us and make us better people...isn't my friend the greatest?! i hope everyone has at least one of this kind of friend! so go for it! challenge one of your very best friends this month to make you a list! don't forget to make them one too! together you can be better!  ( wow, i sound like a cheese-ball! oh well! indulge in my cheesiness!)

thanks nicole!
(the most recent picture i could find-we look tired because it was taken at like five in the morning!)

-the cheese meister (t)

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