Positivity rocks my life and made my day!

Today was a good day. 
I only went to school for 3 hours.
One of those hours I watched a play.
I took an easy test of food handling and aced it big time.
I wore my cute knit headband with a bow on it...i loved every second.
It was overcast for the majority of the day and practically snowed.
I went to taco bell.
Safeway had my favorite soda...JARRITO DE FRESA!
A non-member went to mutual with me today and then after told me that she wanted to learn more about the gospel and come to seminary and church every week! (BEST PART OF THE DAY BY FAR!!)
schooled some deacons at volleyball.
went to the new walmart in pa and got some birthday presents for lauren ( who is turning seven tomorrow!!)
found the dungeon  of the Dungeoness Ward.
yup...pretty good day.
-taylor :)

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