Sometimes, when I am ticked off, I write hate mail to Disney Channel!

Disney Channel
 To whom it may Concern: 
I am writing you to file a complaint about your latest adaptation of a work of literature that you felt so inclined to interpret into a film. Unfortunately, you completely BUTCHERED it. I looked to your film with hope that for once Disney Channel would pull through and really produce something spectacular and all you really would have had to do was follow the words the author had all ready put on the page...BUT NOOOOO THAT WOULD BE TOO HARD FOR A MULTIMILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION TO DO AND INSTEAD THEY PRODUCED THE CRAP THAT IS NOW FOREVER TARNISHED INTO THE ONCE SACRED NAME OF AVALON HIGH! When I first began the film I was skeptical, no floating in the pool scenes, the girl runs like someone who has random seizers when she runs, unattractive and poor Will, ditzy Allie,  and lack of exclaiber AND even the romantic balcony scene (which, by the way, was my all time favorite)....BUT I was willing to over look all these, and as I did the film began to be somewhat pleasant to view. THEN, you utterly and completely MURDERED it, yes murdered. ALLIE IS NOT KING ARTHER!! MUST I REPEAT, ALLIE IS NOT KING ARTHER!!! By this small act of STUPIDITY the WHOLE and I mean the WHOLE entire film was RUINED!!!!! Thank you Disney Channel...for killing the small and simple things in the world that make it somewhat enjoyable to live in. Thank you for destroying a favorite childhood book. Thank you Disney Channel, THANK YOU!
My regards (given most insincerely):
 Ms. Taylor Willis
p.s. You are a murderer of love. 

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