Christmas Wish # 3

I wish that one day as i am driving my car with the sun roof open, belting all my favorite songs, that Michael Buble parachutes and lands in the passenger seat and starts singing along with me....yup that would about be the best...UNLESS instead David Archuleta took my mom and i to a lady antebellum concert and we all sang along to all the songs and just rocked out all night and became the best of friends....i quite like that one too OR MAYBE if my mom and i went to a Cars concert and they let us go on stage and sing with them during "bye, bye love" and we got to belt into a microphone, " SUBSITUTION MASS CONFUSION, CLOUDS IN SIDE YOUR HEAD"!.... that would also be pretty much the bomb. hm...  so why does my third wish have to do with singing with celebrities? i have no idea.

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Cassidy Brown said...

awww david archuleta(: those were the days! haha and i just realized he REALLY looks like a chimpanzee in this picture.