For the LOVE of the Oldies

recently i have been watching a lot of oldies( i'm in utter adoration of TCM!!) and currently they've been playing all the Mickey Rooney movies (and i just can't get enough of him! pretty much my favorite male actor in that era) and one of the movies was Breakfast at Tiffany's ( like the greatest movie of it's time!) starring the one and only Audrey Hepburn(LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!). it's pretty much inspired me...i'm going to build a time machine and teleport back to 1955- it was a much better time: better clothes, better furniture, more charm, and i love just every aspect of it! why was i born in this era of modernization!! i love VINTAGE! 

i've been inspired to do the following:

dress up and go window shopping
when ever i get my first kiss, make sure that it is in the rain
take up knitting all kinds of darlings. if they don't turn out, even better.
wear sunglasses everywhere i go...inside, outside, anywhere. ah i just love her's!

someday when i get a pet of my own i will be resolved not to name it at all... (i love cat!)
get a crazy chinese neighbor (mickey rooney!!)
compose all kinds of wonderful things and sing them on a balcony for all to hear! 
make sure my future spouse dresses accordingly ( oh i adore how Paul dresses!) 
to get one of these lovely sleeping masks!!
and lastly.... some day get a bathtub couch! i find them to be just divine!

i'm in love.

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