i like to go on wondrous adventures with pretty neat kids

this week was jam packed with heaps and heaps of  all kinds of christmas cheer! one of these events being my trip with some of my dear sequimians to seattle!

{This is terribly out of order, so bare with me!}

yes folks, this is the wardrobe that held the bogart in the third harry potter movie...ah!! we also saw so many other fantastical things like hermonie's fantastic 4th movie dress and i got sorted (into griffindor of course) and  i touched cedrick's (aka edward cullen's ) robes (fangirl scream "ahhhhh!") and it was just beautiful! wow...can you say major nerdism!
glorious space needle!
snow flakes...que hermosa!
i love snowflake lane!
he was on stilts!
my drummer man! he was really chill!
buildings+ color light show
fake snow is dope!
seven dollar shoes are great for any occasion-especially shinny ones
polar bears are my friends
i took a picture of a passing car and she looked at me...CREEPY
drummers assemble!
snowflake lane!- laura, me, rachel, katelyn
i liked the statue down yonder
love it
its just the best
"i love to see the temple..."
wow here's a kid who is hypnotized by the space needle!
HP Exhibit!!!- " my life is now complete!"
laura and i waiting in line for the harry potter exhibit!

Highlights of my trip:
  • singing feliz navidad to every single passenger on the ferry
  • laura's positively obnoxious laugh that had everyone starring at us and us of course dying of laughter
  • i bought a gnome keychain-ah!
  • i saw the space needle and seattle temple-coolest of beans!
  • starbucks and cheese cake factory all the way
  • i rode in a cart around target and people laughed at me:( not nice! (but indeed hilarious)
  • snowflake lane was amazing- bubbles falling from the sky, christmas music blaring, crazy drummer boys marching to their own beat, us screaming along " ho, ho, ho...snowflake lane", crazy fun...you just had to be their
  • me driving home at one in the morning trying to stay on the road
well i could go on and on! but basically it was just a great time with some really neat kids! thanks my dear sequimians!

merry christmas again darlings!!
taylor rose

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Grace Marie said...

That day was one of the highlights of Christmas! Glad you could come and enjoy it with us. We will have to take you again sometime cousin, we go to Seattle often!