instead of doing my homework, i like to complain about it

recently i have been feeling similar to this....

all break i have been laboring over my ever accumulating pile of homework and makeup work- but i don't think it will ever end! hours and hours every day...i could be living my life, but NO, i am stuck hunched over my history book or writing my guts out. why bother even going to school...i learn everything and do all my work at home anyways... oh the frustration!

here is a fitting poem to describe my angst... 
 Why do I hate my homework?

It is a pest like a brother
Or a sister of another
It is like a very boring book
Or like my mom’s disgusting cook
It is a creature of its own
The kind that makes me gag and moan

Why do I hate my homework?
I really hate my homework
It makes me want to go berserk
I don’t want to do my homework today
Nor tomorrow or the 25th of May
Homework is like poisonous snakes
Or the mystery meat my cafeteria makes

I rather listen to my Ipod
Then write an essay about Cape Cod
I rather spend my days staring at the sun
Then do my homework that needs to be done
I rather swim in a pool with a shark
Then learn fractions with my math teacher, Mr. Clark
And this is why I hate my homework


Anthony Pham & his little sister, Sharon

i'm pretty sure the kid who wrote this was like nine, but i like it...
anyways sorry for wasting your time with all of my negativity, but i really just needed to vent and get it out of my system...so there it is. sigh.
your ever frustrated friend
tayter salad 

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