she stole MY dress!!

well...sort of...

  • her's is a D&C original 
mine was on sale at Macy's 
  • her's is black 
mine is white
  • she had her's custom fit
a like mine looser, like a flapper dress or something
  • i wore pearls 
  • she wore red shoes
  • i wore my hair up and in curls
  • i wore black nylons
  • both made completely of lace with only the selves and an inch above the knee that are see through
  • both of us wore strappy, open toed heels
  •  both go down to the knee
  • both have longer sleeves
  • both are modest
  •  both have scoop neck
  • Both make us look STUNNING!
I suppose she could have stolen my dress...I did wear it months before her! 
Naw... I just saw this in a magazine and felt really stylish when I saw her wear a similar dress to a red carpet event....I'm so Hollywood now ( yeah right!)! 
your pal

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