Day 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26 of 365

wow.... so this has been a hectic week and i haven't posted for ages- sorry! but here are the days i missed-i promise i took them on the right day ( scout's honor)!

Day 22

sportin' my toro gear and still feelin the pride! 
(oh i got my hair cut that day too...yay!)
Day 23
 vance's creepy face!
(yeah it's a lame one)
Day 24

my figurines..
(this one is also lame...Sorry...nothing interesting at mi casa!)
Day 25

here we come floral final!
(so many flowers!)
Day 26
my pageant sisters! 
( minus the lovely Abby who sadly left before she could join the picture :( i'll get her next time tho!)
p to the s
notice the glasses... yup...i can finally see again!

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