I'm probably the BIGGEST NERD in the HISTORY of NERDS!!!

(aang has an arrow on his head, katara has loopies, and sokka is sarcastically hilarious)

Okay so I'll admit it... I'm a nerd. I like video games, reading SF novels, watching old movies with terrible special effects, new movies with LEGIT special effects, cheesy japanese style cartoons, etc. SO i guess it would come at no surprise to anyone that i am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with Avatar! NO, NO, NO!!- NOT THAT AVATAR!!! Not the BLUE creatures ( although that movie was positively EPIC) But the Nickelodeon  original cartoon AVATAR!! It's probably my favorite cartoon of all time. PERIOD. Maybe you have heard of the movie ( WHAT EVER YOU DO, DON'T SEE IT-- IT'S AWEFUL!!!) if you have seen it i'm sorry, it is the worst representation i've ever seen! (UGH!!) Anyways.... my family and i will sit around some random nights and watch like five episodes together and laugh  and just bask in the glory  it what is Avatar ( so yeah, i come from a family of nerdicles- we're so weird)!! AH!! But we have watched all three seasons and we have been reduced to watching re-runs over and over and over....HELLO?!  ALL I'M ASKING FOR IS ONE MORE SEASON!! WOULD IT BE THAT HARD?! PLEASE AVATAR PRODUCERS!! WE'RE DYING HERE!! AHHHH! 

cough cough

anyways... i guess i had to rant on to someone about yet another one of my weird obsessions and my anger at the stupid producers (one more season! come on!)...
your lil' nerd

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