PHASE 1 seems to be going well...though i ate a lot of honey today and my mom told me that "HONEY IS NOT FAT FREE!! SO STOP MAKING A HUGE STICKY MESS!"- yeah, sometimes i feel like i'm seven again...still making sticky messes...

today i started PHASE 2!!! ah!! finally! the procrastination has stopped and the running has begun! what is phase two you ask? PHASE TWO: SHOES, MEET TREADMILL!! yup so i exercised and stretched for a good solid hour. it was hard. ugh. i'm so out of shape... after running a mile at a pretty fast speed i thought i was going to die.. not.good.  but i got through it and now i will try every day (with the exception of sunday, of course) to exercise vigorously and try to get back into my " toro tough" state (toro tough- adj. amazingly atheltic; can with stand almost anything; can endure everything; how in shape our sprint team was last year)... i have so far to go...ugh.


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