Project 365- DO IT!

I got this idea off one of my favorite lovely blogs, Pie N' Sky, and I want to do it just because it sounds marvelous!

What is Project 365?
Project 365 is a project to document and account for everyday of the year through photos. That's right, every day you take one photo and post it....it can be of anything really, as long as you took it...it can be funny, weird, lovely, monotone, melodramatic, sad, you name it! ( for more info check out pieinthesky.blogspot.com)

How can you be apart of Project 365?
Post your picture everyday under Project 365! and spread the word via blog! let's see how many people we can get to document their dailies!

You have my Pledge to participate in Project 365! 
I'm pledging now to be a faithful participant in Project 365! so check up on me to make sure i'm doing it daily!! so...wanna pledge too? pledge in the comments, post it on your blog, and DON'T FORGET to visit pieinthesky.blogspot.com!


just to illustrate even further:
this is not my idea. don't give me credit for it! all applause should go directly to Melisa at pie n' sky! she came up with it...i used it from her site! all hers, i just admire it and ask you to use it with her as credit.
muchas y muchas of gracias!

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