rallying in the weekend

two words: MAPLE BARS
in floral design class we had the most intense final! we had to eat a donut, watch Alice in Wonderland, AND finish our arrangments!! SO hard!! good thing i studied my tush off! 
( heavy on the sarcasm! and by the way Ms. Wagner is the BEST teacher ever!! truly!!)
me and my CREATION!!
(see my dear Claudia down yonder?)
my masterpiece and Cody the gangsta in the background
( being the ever so studious gangsta he is)
basically my life now!! i love this book (not so much their funky grammar but it's SO intense)!!

red lipstick....YES!

me: " wow this sign needs a little help..."
stephenie: "um...i made that..."
me:" oh...um..."
both: (start cracking up) 
me: "really it's a nice sign...it's just a little dirty..."
stephenie: " wow... you don't approve of my sign!!"

this is what we do while working SO very hard in the concession stand (*cough cough*)
 btw...box hats are very in vogue right now....
stephenie is a space cowboy and natasha is a rockstar
i'm just the designer :)

these adorable little darlings are the Judds and i love going over and babysitting them! we have tons of fun...they chase me around until i play dead then scream "WAKE UP BABYSITTER" until i get up, we play about 15 different board games without finishing any of them, we lose the family pet and then find it, we watch movies that no one wants to watch but me, i give them piggy backs until i calapse in exhaustion,we play duck duck goose but instead say random things like " toilet seat" and " moose head", and they love to make fun of my nerdy classes and sport them too!
much love 

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