Princess Diaries: After two months...

..of hard practicing, memorizing, dancing, practicing poise, and answering all sorts of impromptu practice questions, we finally had the 34th Annual Irrigation Festival Pageant last night!! We were all so nervous as we waited backstage for two hours for the show to start, but after the fun dance at the beginning we loosened up and all just tried to have fun with it!! After that we had to answer a question about the bio we wrote, then we got into our judges tea outfits we wore the previous day and each judge asked each of us a question. Next we got ready for our speeches ( Ah! definitely the part I was most nervous for!!) and everyone did fantastically ( even if I did leave out a little part of mine-oops!)! Then it was time for our formals and impromptu final question, all the girls looked so lovely in their long beautiful dresses and I am told (because I went last and didn't get to hear their answers) that they all answered wonderfully!! Later on we had the coronation and I was very surprised to hear my name announced for the Tracie Sofie award ( aka Miss Congeniality)- I was very honored and grateful. But the biggest surprise of all was when the last princesses name was called and the only girl left was me which meant I was the queen! I was shocked. Really I was. I felt so very honored and I promised the audience I would do my best ( honestly it didn't seem real to me-still in shock mode!)! We were all really sad the pageant was over but in reality it's just the start of a very bright beginning and I'm looking forward to all the memories I will make with all of these absolutely amazing girls!!

official royalty picture (by our main man Ernst)
being escorted by my father
my biggest fans!! who had the best signs in the whole auditorium ( "JUMBY", "TOUCH THE CHIN", "GO TAYLOR", and of course the fish hand was present to cheer me on!!)! they're the best!!
awaiting the final results...AH! i was so nervous!
junior royalty!! aren't they darling?! the little boy in the yellow was my escort!
this is my favorite picture! i just love lauren! and even from the stage i could hear her cheering me on! i'm pretty sure i'm her biggest fan!
Sweet 116! I love these girls!!
love your pal

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