First Annual "I Hate Valentines Day" Party

I'm sure many of you have seen "Valentines Day" the movie, well as you know one of the characters has a "I hate Valentines Day" party... SO we decided to have one too! Do we really hate a day created made for loving others-NO. Do we just like to be crazy and weird-YES. So try not to take us so seriously...

Valentine cookies that received a little makeover...
black food coloring!
So I found this at the Chums casa and  it was pretty much love at first sight...
its an oven mitt and a fish-INGENIOUS!

we decided to take out some of our angst on this innocent looking bear...
and Katelyn had to be told again not to play with sharp objects...
preparing the sacrificial bear!!
( joking-haha)
burn baby burn!

the fish was either interested or wanted to be cooked
dancing around the fire to Justin Bebier 
and it burnt all the way to ashes...
Anyways after we all settled in to watch the ever so romantic (cough, cough) movie, THE RING!
which was surprisingly niether funny nor scary....hm.
fo reals man.
your pal 
t. and her new bf, fish mitt

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