Princess Diaries: "EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT!!"

this morning after ever so diligently attending seminary, i went to mi casa segundo at the diner to get my daily smoothie-smooth. WELL, as i was walking by the newspaper dispensers i noticed something strange- MY PICTURE ON THE FRONT PAGE !!! sure enough, on the front cover was a picture of my three darling pageant girls, our wondrous leader Cindy, and myself!! AH! well, i couldn't decide wether to be ecstatic or mortified ( due to the paper using the only picture where i wore my nerdy-nerdism glasses) so instead  i laughed until my sides hurt. at school about every teacher told me congrats and good luck- well there's no going back now... Irrigation Festival Pageant here we come!!

oh dear...
sorry about the crease in the page, it makes us look all distorted...haha.

your feelin' semi-famous friend

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