"When life gives you lemons, alter their DNA and make SUPER LEMONS!"--unknown

random bits of love for you...
NEWS FLASH: red velvet just got revamped and holy camoley! their spring collection is just stunning!! their trends this spring? florals, lace, pastels, and of course, VELVET! major love man!

get in my room. now.
omgg! carstache! why have i just found this?! and why doesn't BORRIS have ONE?! this is real man.
o my dear oxfords how i long for you to magically appear on my feet!
NERD DOMO?! senseless fun!
i will wear this on the beach pretty soon when i find one exactly like this...i will.
she & him=pure magic! btw also check up on regina spektor's folding chair, jar of hearts by christina perri (if you haven't already), and jeremy larson is pretty much wondrous too. goodness why am i so mad for yous?!
just thought i'd share

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