6 things that made me smile today...

1. the SUN!! it was bright and visibly present!! and may i say the weather was almost warm today?! jenkies!!

2. sweat and the positive energy that comes with working out...i love it!!

3. my keys and the wonderful tricks i can do with my flash light with laura as my assistant 

4. my red and white candyland sundress because it makes me feel like im in some kind of black and white movie and that i am really interesting

5. hiking in my oxers... sometimes i hike beaches in my favorite shoes all on my lonesome and then reach 6th hour six minutes after the bell rings...chya!

6. long talks with Meehanda (aka the best person that eva was related to me by cousinship) and all her boy drama and meeting of P. Diddy in temples (don't ask because i won't explain it to you -- haha the joys of cousinery that you will never have with me you silly reader!! muhahaha! eat it!)

kiss kiss hug hug little kiss little hug big kiss kiss kiss 
taylor rose

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