an extravaganza of oddities

only because we are rotund goofs and tot nubes would we spend our whole afternoon in our oxfords and tights and prance around down dark allies striking elvis poses in doorways and using our creep sausery in lovely little antique stores while snapping pictures all the way...

me: " look i'm going to run and jump really high, get a picture of it!"
(pathetic gallop)
miranda: " your feet barely left the ground loser!!"
she laughed so hard she nearly died
" seagulls, i give you this offering of taco salad"
then they attacked!!!!!!!!
my stained glass pose
thank you kind random lady :)
little keys
this is my favorite!
pillow talk
oxford (,)
why are you so dang cute?!
this is how i roll
sun shine?!
nothing but cliche 
i love this cover
i watch you in book stores...
as does she...
praise it!
flamingo or not
usuge mirror photo
james dean
awkward knees


corner creepin'

like a dope

tot gorg no?

jubilee of flowered wall

wilderness of sunshine

that's all folks 
your infinite pal

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