a flippin' busy week.

I'm so flippin' busy I don't know what to do with myself!!! AHH!!! I'm hoping this week will pass soon because listen to everything I got goin' down:

3 AP classes with tons of homework (not to mention I'm a tad behind in them)

"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor  Dream Coat" play practices (2 1/2 hours daily)

Royalty Duties- This week: Radio Station Recording Sesh. & Daffodil Parade (with over nighter in tacoma)

Varsity Cheerleading tryouts and clinic week ( 3 hour practices daily & trying out a day earlier than everyone else because of Royalty stuff)

Oh my goodness! Why am I doing so much stuff?! I'm going to BURST!!!

Your slightly stressed out pal-

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