Thursday's bringin on an update...

(me everyday of my life)

today I tried out for cheer...I think it went well... except I "yeah"ed...but only one time...rookie mistake, really... now I'm thinking my cheer could have been slower...or my toe touche higher, or my hurkey for that matter...my dance probably could have been sharper too....AH!! why am I second guessing myself!!! ramble ramble garble garble!!! ENOUGH! Tomorrow the results will be known and my worries at ease...hopefully....ramble ramble garble garble!!! SMILE AND AWAIT.
[today i laid on a beach during photog and just let sand get all up in my hair and soaked up the bright ball of Vit. D! it was positively picturesque and enchantingly relaxing...people might have looked at me like i came out of a psych ward but thats okay because i was wearing my oxfords]


tomorrow early squirrelly my royalty sistas and I leave for Tacoma and much fun involving Daffodils and a certain parade...I'm quite excited really....PUES no escuela para mi manana! can i get a woot woot?!


your personal dope chicken
 (its like Jay-Lo, smarts)

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