i am hopelessly and madly in love with Gone with the Wind...

i can't explain it! i just sort of  adore this movie to the moon and back!!
my reasons:
1. cinematography- positively brilliant and in my opinion far ahead of its time

2. bad boy Butler- clark gable is kind of just a stud+ he has one fine lookin' mustache...
3. Scarlet O' Hara's outfits- they're just beyond words... i could wear this everyday of my life...
4. Mammy- she's my favorite character and we get called the same name ("MAMIE" haha insider royalty joke!!)
5. unrequited love- she's so blind and ignorant-i love it!!

6. she's a terrible person- Scarlett is everything you wouldn't want your main character to be, she ruins everyone's lives and blows her one shot at happiness... how uniquely untraditional!
7. the perfectly unperfect couple- they hate each other but at the same time love each other, but at different times and there are so many misunderstandings and complications that it's all just PERFECT!!

8. the end- the ending was magnificent!!! it's completely vague and leaves you lost and all alone but yet somehow optimistic?! "TARA"!! yes if she goes back her life will be perfect and the man she loves will somehow believe her and Ashley will be a forgotten memory gone with the wind and her children will come back to life and the Old South will be restored to its former glory  and she won't have ruined anyones life...all she needs is "TARA"!! MUHAHA its almost comical but i love it... BECAUSE, "After all, tomorrow is another day!"
 mucha ♥ 

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