today is friday.

and many things have occurred over the past 20 some odd hours so why not reminisce with me for a moment...
 1. APUSH TESTING: bleh bleh double bleh!!!! not my cup of tea....
2. royalty stuff'n'such: wore our dresses and went to a ribbon cutting of a newly completed part of down town ( i got to hold the big scissors and everything!!! but it was pouring down rain....) then we went and ate some DE-LISH comida de mexico and i got to try out my legit espanol skillets!! then we went to the art musuem where we sang and handed out awards for some lovely pieces of art! 
3. FIRST performance: our first performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was pretty much off the chain! it went rather swimmingly and we had a killer crowd who made us preform all the better!! woot! then after the show we had the lovely opportunity to say goodbye to all our fans and then came the DANCE PARTY!!!! woot woot!!! it was great...until we got shut down...so we moved to the CHUMS!!!
4. dance party con. @ CHUMS: then we got to chums and were planning major dance partiness BUT  harry potter came up and i've seen that movie so Rachel and i decided we craved mint water thus we went to QFC and met a lovely lady named Tina who very unwillingly let us purchase said water but not before we were stuck at a very red left turn for almost 10 minutes?! (claudia and the young child were fairly upset about this) then we proceeded to return to the CHums home where the said party goers were still watching said seen movie THUS we tied everyones lovely little shoes together well they did not very much appreciate this action and chased us possibly until the cows came home but that was okay because i can run fast! a enjoyable evening indeed:) then all realized that the time was at hand to leave  and right after their leaving police cars enter the premise but do not fret!!! they just wanted to make sure all was well and it was and we had a lovely chat and i encouraged them to have a wonderful evening (no joke, not making this up)!! so i helped my dear CHUMS clean up and went home:)

a busy but lovely friday!
blessin's and peace!

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