I didn't reach far out of my usual genre for this read, but I'm glad I didn't because it was such an incredible book!! I'd say it's pretty close to becoming the next Hunger Games but only time will tell. I love the plot of this story, the mind controlling society that isn't complicated to understand (unlike other poorly written distopians I've read), the adventure/action is inevitable, and the relationship of Tris and Four (yes, the number) makes you wish that maybe you lived in a more corrupt world and found that one uncorrupt person (although the romantic aspect does not entirely take over the story like it does in Delirium and Matched)! I read it in one day flat (two sittings)! Well written over all ( nothing overly ornate or archaic but simple and beautiful) which was a nice change after reading Maze Runner, Bumbed, 1984, and Mortal Instruments Series with all of their special "lingo" of the times. If you're into Hunger Games or distopian novels at all, make this book a priority on your "Must Read" list!!
Oh by the way... I'm a natural born Dauntless...in case you wanted to know...

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