Sometimes I believe I live in the most beautiful place on Earth.

The sunset started out like this (above).

And ended like this (above).
I have honestly seen nothing like it before! The sky was candy cotton pink and red and blue and purple! Perhaps this shock comes from living inland and in the midwest all my life, but I was literally stunned! (I was just bumbed that I have such a crappy camera and couldn't capture it in all it's glory...darn flippin' low res. cameras!)

Lauren and I, goofing off as usual ( oh, and please don't mind my apperance...I just got off work and I look semi-beastly-GAH!).

Rather clique, but I like it.

Is this not GORGEOUS ( okay you had to be there...low res. does it no justice)!!


"I'm seven"

This is one of my all time favorites of Lauren and I. Precious.

Cute brother, sister moment.


I look undeniably like an extra terrestrial in this photo. Creepin'.

This sunset was BREATH TAKING. On days like this I am glad I'm alive and where I am. It makes me apreciate it, you know?

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