things that made me happy today:

1. going to TARGET ( have i ever mentioned how much i LOVE target?!)!!!
2. diet dr. pepper with two shots of vanilla (my new favorite drink combo)
3. being surprisingly awake and cheerful at work
4.rain (i know, weird right?!)
5. ideas of new vintage crafts running through my mind all day (it made me practically, giddy)!
6.the excitement of knowing in a few days Meehanda and i shall dance the night away and then run off to Seattle to shop until dropping for school clothing
7.the idea that i will be thrifting tomorrow and possibly receiving my next distopian ya novel that i ordered from a darling little bookstore downtown
8.1984 (i've decided that i actually really enjoy this book and it's complexities as really "the classic" distopian novel)
9. alpine rolls
10. Just Dance 2 (my favorite game & nightly workout)

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