Weekend Roundup

Friday: Taylor+Boys+Movies
I took the little guys out to the late night showing of CONTAGION (dah dah DAAAA!!) Friday night! I quite enjoyed the movie with it's amazing star studded cast, seemingly apocalyptic situation,and the many references to the medical field (I found it all very interesting but you know...I like that kind of thing)! Matt found it rather dull (as did my fellow royal Abbs who was also there) and Vance seemed to like it though rather indifferent. I liked it but I'm peculiar so read rotten tomatoes if you want a real opinion.The best part of it all: I snuck in a whole pint of Mango Sherbert
Häagen-Dazs!! I'm such a rebel, I can't even believe it.

Saturday: Taylor+Parade+HEAT+Faraway
Today I left my house at six to get to the chamber and leave for Hoquiam. On the way my phone broke, my crown came apart, I ate cheese its for breakfast, and my cold sore remained intact. We got there and set up the float in the blistering heat, got dressed and waited in the heat. But when we finally got to the parade route it became so worth it, as I looked at all the happy little girls and cute old couples who had the most genuine beautiful faces. I love being in parades because I love seeing people so happy and excited and the fact that I can help them feel that way is the best part of all! I'm starting to be sad that we only have two left :( Well after we went and ate at a little Irish diner that served Yak (I kid you not!) and then effortlessly slept the whole way home. I was home by 7 thirty that night and mom is sick so Lauren and I had grocery duty. I don't think I've ever had so much fun in Walmart before...SERIOUSLY, Lauren can start up a meaningful conversionation with anyone and they fall instantly in love with her and she's SEVEN!! I wish I had her mad skills! Anyway after the our little outing we rolled down the window and rocked out to David Archuletta whom Lauren now refers to as her new "bofriend" and tells me that she loves him and that her favorite song is #7 "Ground, ground, ground" ( Although I think she's referring to "Parachutes and Airplanes")! Long but worthwhile day! :)

Looking forward to a peaceful Sunday! It's stake conference!

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