Weekend Roundup

After school I went and picked up my dear cousin/ partner in crime! Then it was the usual Friday night football game, we won effortlessly.... blah... I tire of scoreboards that are 1000 to 0...old news. After that we had a pep dance (p.s. the last pep dance I ever want to attend in my existence) the dance was your usual high school grind fest...yuck... so Miranda and I helped DJ and dominated clean up.

AKA the supposed day of my senior photos...yeah, that didn't fly. Due to some terrible miscommunications and failures in technology the shoot has been momentarily delayed. So basically I wasted my entire Saturday primping and preparing for absolutely nothing....but I'm over it. Miranda and I made the best of a seemingly bad situation and took the opportunity to take some photos on our on and go out for a night on the town (AKA renting movies and going out to teriyaki)! Great day indeed!

Went to church, had a delish dinner with the fam, took Miranda home. BUT the best part of my relaxing sunday was.....MIRANDA GOT ASKED TO HOMECOMING BY THE BOY OF HER DREAMS!!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Seriously cannot get over this. (sigh) Hehe!

lovely weekend
nuff said.


miranda said...

Ohhhhh Myyyy LOVELY!

how i utterly miss you so!

A jolly good show i think, a jolly good show!

peace and blessins, Miranda

Halie said...

Despite the cancelled pictures and nasty dancing (high school functions that end up like a t-pain video aren't my thing either)I'm glad you had a fun weekend with your cousin! Both of you are absolutely stunning.