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I'll admit it I'm a infamously abominable movie junkie! I adore curling up after a long day to old Hollywood classic or laughing my head off late at night to a comedy that a friend as prescribed and the general population overlooked. My bliss.
This week's watches:

Seeing as we own a 50's diner, I felt almost obligated to view this movie.I've always seen the cliche photos of James Dean sporting a red blazer giving his famous smolder, but due to my youth have never known the story behind it. "I've got the bullets!"--Jim (best line in the whole movie!!)
I'm almost positive I've seen this movie before and I did enjoy it quite a bit, though the ending is tragic and rather disappointing.
I adore old movies and this was another good one. I love how glamorous the main character Rae is as a fashion designer and I adore the beautiful Paul who she falls madly in love with only to discover that he's trapped in a terrible marriage to a drunk leech (read more at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0054653/plotsummary) But you really must know that I do not approve of Rae's hair...end of story.

"Do you think you can build a room around that?
 Why not? I've built a life around it"
(sorry disgustingly romantic, I know, but I couldn't find any other quotes)

Such a funny movie!! Can't get over it!!! And with a fantastic cast no less from Rupert Grint to Emily Blunt to my new love Bill Nighy ( who coincidentally is also in the HP movies)! I could quote this movie for days.

"Staggeringly, Staggering!"
"Mr. Maynard!!"

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