Weekend Roundup (a tad late)

 Last weekend was quite eventful and suburbly fantastic. I had the incredible opportunity to go to the Seattle temple for the first time (which by the way I positively adore-but then again what temple have I been too that I haven't loved?!)with the Youth and then the Laurels (consisting of Me, Laura, and Mama Chums) broke off and spent the day shopping in the greater Bellevue area (which has great and many urban charms) and later that evening took off to go to a Haunted Corn Maze ( which was quite delightful despite what you think you would get out of a haunted anything... perhaps that might have been due to my asking every creeper in there what their favorite cheese was and the fact the Mama Chums may have taken the funniest fall of the twenty first century...but, you know, no big deal)!!!
(Excuse the quality of the photos...we're talking about cell phone status here...and the fact the Mama Chums is never in any of the photos...quite maddening...just know that she's pretty much the definition of an adult version of dabomb.com )

 Beautiful sunny day at the temple!

 Laura and I on the ferry ( I shall never get over my love for ferry boats)!
Me being a complete dorkling as usual...but honestly what a great picture to
blow up and put on the back of your van!!
(At least the people in the car next to us had something to laugh about for 10+ minutes)
Cow and Pig
(please note that cows are the number one producer of cheese+ lovely makeup provided by Urban Decay)

@ entrance of the Haunted Corn Maze with Reid the owner 
(too bad it's completely dark...darn flashless cellular photography!)

siempre con mucho amor

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