DIY: Back Braided Bun

#1  Brush out hair and tip head upside down.
 #2 Starting at nape of neck, have someone (or if you genuinely have pure talent and can do it yourself) french braid your hair up your scalp.
#3 Gather hair where you intend to place bun and tie with pony
#4 Cut the toe out of a sock and fold into scrunchie formation (shown below).
#5 Place over hair tie.
#6 Tuck pieces of hair under the sock, forming the bun shape, until secure.
 #7 You have completed the bun! Now you may fix the front of hair as needed!
Hope you enjoyed our first DIY (not to be mistaken for DUI- haha, seriously I say that everytime...) More to come in the future!!
much ♥

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