Irrigation Festival Pagaent 2012: And so it begins!!!

This past year I had the tremendous honor of being the Sequim Irrigation Festival Queen and getting the opportunity to act as an ambassador for my city by representing Sequim throughout the state of Washington.Sure it sounds like a lot of hard work but really it's also been one of the most incredible years of my teenage life. I've met heaps of new people, made countless friends, and gained 3 sisters.  I've obtained a ton of experience through serving in the community and I've learned how unique and special our home under the rain shadow is. It's a lot more than fancy crowns, sparkling gowns, and ritzy events; it's a big responsibility and a grand opportunity for young women in our city to experience a leadership position in our community. If you've ever wanted to really get involved in community, do a whole ton of service, organize events, be in 16+ parades, travel statewide, meet people, find out how things in the city are run, go to chamber meetings, get informed about issues in the community, hang out with some really amazing adults who put so much time and effort into voluntary programs, be on the news and in news papers, and just have one of the best years of your life...consider trying out! 
For application information:
Read Princess Stephanie's advice on her blog Wicked Crud (link: http://wickedcrud.blogspot.com/2011/11/pageant-application_19.html)
Go directly to the Irrigation Festival's site (http://www.irrigationfestival.com/)

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